Voice Over & ADR Studio

London Voice Over ADR Studio for TV and Film? Essex Recording Studios can meet your VO and ADR needs for television and film. Our Voice Over studio is only 45 minutes by direct train from central London (Fenchurch Street or London Liverpool Street) to Southend-On-Sea Essex (Southend Central or Southend Victoria stations) and has secure private parking for VO actors and talent arriving by car. We are the main Essex VO studio and ADR studio for the TV and film industry. Our mission is to capture the very best performance to the highest quality standard for your project. Your talent will be treated like royalty.

Our Voice Over and ADR clients include: Disney, Amazon PRIME, Paramount Pictures, SKY TV, Warner Bros. Television, Channel 4, BBC, Freemantle, Yalli Productions, Boom Cymru and more! We've done voice over and ADR for feature films, game shows, reality television, short films, commercials, documentaries and more. From big budget with complex technical requirements to simple projects with one mic, we are here to get the job done for your production. Talent is treated like royalty so that they are comfortable and give their best performance. Strict privacy and security protocols are in place at the studio so that your talent and production are not subjected to unwanted attention, photography, filming, unauthorised disclosure etc. 

We typically perform remote Voice Over and remote ADR studio sessions over Zoom Premium with Audio Movers so that you can hear the recorded audio from the talent in real time as it is being recorded and heard by the engineer in the studio. This setup requires no special accounts or software on your end other than an internet connection and Zoom, as you will receive a web browser link to hear the audio.

RATES: (Send us your files, scripts & tech requirements as early as possible)

Wild Voice-Over Recording £115.00 p/h (Day rate: £895.00)
Podcast Recording £115.00 p/h (Day rate: £895.00)
Voice-Over To Picture (1 hour setup fee) £135.00 p/h (Day rate: £995.00)
Remote Voice-Over Recording £135.00 p/h (Day rate: £995.00)
ADR Recording (1 hour setup fee)  £165.00 p/h (Day rate: £1245.00)

*We can hire different mics to match your requirements as needed at extra cost

1. A Zoom Premium charge of £10 is applied to each remote session performed via Zoom, as we are charged this to be able to have uninterrupted Zoom sessions for your benefit.

2. An AudioMovers charge of £10 is applied to every remote session where the remote producer will receive a browser link of the session's audio in real time as processed through the engineer's DAW. No software is needed for your team to enjoy this valuable capability. 

3. Evenings (from 6pm), early starts (before 9am) and weekends* + £20.00 p/h. Any session of 6 hours or more will require a mandatory 30 minute break for the welfare of the engineer and talent.

4. Sessions that run over the scheduled time will be charged in half hour increments. If we have a 2 hour session booked and it runs 2 hours, 12 minutes, you will be charged 2.5 hours. If it runs 2 hours 37 minutes, you will be charged 3 hours. Any session running beyond 11.30pm will incur additional £25 travel expenses for the engineer to accommodate closing of public transportation.

5. Day rates are based on an 8 hour booking.Talent must arrive at least 15 minutes before a session is due to start so that they can be familiarised with our building's layout, fire exits, etc and get settled in.

6. If editing is needed outside the booked studio time, an extra charge will occur based on the hourly rates above.

7. Printing required for the session is charged at £0.25 per sheet.

8. *For VO to Video & ADR: File Import fee is £10. File arrangement and export fee is £20. We pay for a DropBox Premium Account for you to receive your files, but can submit via your own secure method if you have one.

9. Your team is responsible for ensuring we have the correct version of your files and that your talent arrives on time. We will not rush our facility's procedures due to late talent or late file delivery. SEND US YOUR FILES & SCRIPTS AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE!

Get in touch any time 24/7 to discuss your project needs with our studio.

Local Phone: 07455251112
International Phone - WhatsApp: +44 7455251112
Email: info@essexrecordingstudios.com