Our Facility

Essex Recording Studios is an incredible multi-million pound facility purpose built for the headquarters of Essex Radio - later Heart Radio of Global Radio. Essex Recording Studios took over the studios compound in February 2020, a month before the Covid pandemic struck with a national lockdown in place for over a year. Our team has opened this space as a creative hub to attract the most motivated & talented artists from around the world. Every room is adorned with art that celebrates the musical heritage of our region and is full of unique pieces to inspire creativity. All of our rooms are wired to be able to communicate and record with each of the other rooms. Our philosophy is pretty simple: Have the very best instruments & equipment, have the best spaces for our artists to create, give the most and work the hardest for our artists' success. If we build it, they will come. Here it is:

RADIO HOUSE - Essex Recording Studios Headquarters
Radio House Essex Recording Studios Building Southend-on-SeaEssex Recording Studios Building Front Radio House

Reception - Lobby:
Our clients are greeted by professional reception to assist their needs and have a comfortable lobby where they may relax and get settled prior to their sessions. Our entrance is directly opposite the London platform at Southend Central train station as you can see in the background.
Essex Recording Studios Lobby ReceptionLobby Reception Essex Recording Studios Radio House

STUDIO 1 - The Main Room
Studio 1 is home to our 48 channel SSL Duality Delta console. It houses the very finest of our outboard rack gear and is full of funky, vibey bits like our Marshall amp fridge, Thomas Lloyd chesterfield sofa & Spaceboy rocket bin!
Essex Recording Studios Control Room Studio 1SSL Duality Delta Mixing Console Essex Recording Studios Studio 1
STUDIO 2 - Producer's Room & Live Room
Studio 2 is our producer space and live room where we typically record live drums when needed. It is a very cool room that was the nucleus of the radio stations formerly housed here. You have perfect visibility into our four other studios from this central room. It is equipped with its own vocal booth and is perfect for writing sessions, live recording, rehearsing, pre-production and more. 
Essex Recording Studios Live Room Studio 2Studio 2 Essex Recording Studios Producer RoomStudio 2 Live Room Harp Recording

STUDIO 3 - Podcast Room - Voiceover/Vocal Room
Studio 3 is where the majority of our vocals and voiceover sessions take place. Its size is ideal for Podcasters seeking the highest quality space while achieving an efficient cost per episode. This space is also used as our cab room when clients want to crank up their amps to their loudest settings to get the very best sound and performance from their rigs through our unmatched guitar and bass speaker cabinet collection.Studio 3 Voiceover Vocals Podcasting Room Essex Recording StudiosEssex Recording Studios Vocal Booth Studio 3 VoiceoverStudio 3 Vocals Podcasting Voiceover Room Essex Recording Studios

STUDIO 4 - Mixing & Production Room
Studio 4 is a mirror image of Studio 2 and directly across the hall from it. This space also features its own dedicated vocal booth and is where you can find radio/producer heavyweight Chris Slack often in house working on new projects.
Studio 4 Mix Suite Production Room Essex Recording Studios
STUDIO 5 - Mastering Room
Studio 5 is a dedicated Mastering Room in our complex and home to resident mastering engineer Mark Shrimpton. The room features a dedicated vocal booth and is in daily use for mastering projects that come to our studio from all around the world.
Mastering Suite Studio 5 Essex Recording StudiosStudio 5 Mastering Room Essex Recording Studios

Our Writing Room is situated above the lower studio rooms and is a vibrant space with a Timothy Oulton chesterfield sofa, custom cassette coffee table, Chippendale Nostell Priory partner's desk, 75" LG TV, and top spec Alienware PC with 42" curved monitor. It's a great space to relax and get creative.
Writing Room Essex Recording Studios

Our Conference Room is a large boardroom with ample seating for large presentations and major writing collaborations. Major pitches and contract signings often take place in this space. It is fully kitted out with projectors and surround sound as well as a sidebar for drinks and catering.
Conference Room at Essex Recording Studios

Our hallways and chill areas between the individual studios are full of artwork, instruments and oddities that will spark your imagination and make you feel at home! We love to promote local artists and the heritage of our community's music and cultural scene.
Staircase Entrance Essex Recording Studios
Hallway Entrance Essex Recording StudiosCharlotte Awbery Hallway Essex Recording StudiosMiddle Hallway Essex Recording StudiosBack Hallway Essex Recording Studios