Essex Recording Studios hosts a private collection of the very best recording equipment in the world. Our philosophy is simple: If you have the best, there is nothing left to worry about! Artists recording with us will never have concerns about needing better equipment to achieve a better sound on their recording, because we have the best gear that exists. Artists can focus on their performance and let our team handle the rest. Much of our rack gear comes from other famous studios, producers and artists who have used our equipment on some of the biggest recordings of their careers. The Gannon collection of gear, instruments and equipment is second to no other studio in the world!

Essex Recording Studios Control Room Gear

Mixing Console:
SSL: Duality Delta 48 Channel Desk - The Rolls Royce of mixing consoles
Chandler: 32 Channel Rack Mixer (ex The Darkness)
AD/DA Conversion: Antelope Orion 32 HD Gen 3 

DAW Software:
Pro Tools Ultimate
Logic Pro X
Waves Mercury Plugin Bundle (Every Waves Plugin)
Waves Abbey Road Plugin Bundle
Fabfilter Total Plugin Bundle
Soundtoys 5 Plugin Bundle
Izotope Everything Plugin Bundle
Native Instruments Komplete 14 Ultimate Collector's Edition
Brainworks Mix/Master Bundle
Celemony Melodyne 5 Editor
Antares Autotune Unlimited
Audiomover LISTENTO

Atomic SixTens - Custom made for Lana Del Rey's "Ultra Violence" record
Barefoot MicroMain27 - The new standard in world class studios
Behringer: Powerplay P16 x 6
Genelec: 8050

Channel Strips Outboard Rack Recording Gear Essex Recording Studios
Channel Strips:
API: 7600 Channel Strip x 2
API: "The Channel Strip" x 2
Avalon: VT-737SP Tube Channel Strip x 2 (ex Jessie J, The Invisible Men)
Chandler Limited: TG Microphone Cassette Channel Strip x 2
Empirical Labs: Mike-e/Lil Freq Channel Strip
Neve: 1057 x 2 (ex The Darkness)
Neve: 1073D x 2 (ex The Darkness)
Neve: 1073 DPX x 2
Neve: 8801 Channel Strip
Trident: Vintage B Series x 5 (ex Trident Studios: Queen, David Bowie)

EQ Rack Gear Outboard Recording Equipment Essex Recording Studios
API: 550 Equalizer x 4
Chandler Limited: Curve Bender
Empirical Labs: Lil Freq
Manley: Langevin Pultec Type EQP1-A x 2
Manley: Massive Passive
Manley: Stereo Pultec Limited Edition
Neve: 1057 x 2
Neve: 1073 EQ x 4
Neve: 8801 EQ
Retro: 2A3 Dual Program Equalizer (ex The Darkness)
SSL: E/G Series EQ's x 48
Tube-Tech: ME 1A Mid Equalizer
Trident: B Series x 5
Warm Audio: EQP-WA x 4

Compressors Dynamics at Essex Recording Studios
API: 225L Compressor x 2
API: 527 Compressor x 2
API: 2500+ Bus Compressor (ex The Darkness)
Avalon: AD 2044 Pure Class A - Opto Compressor
Chandler Limited: TG1 Opto Compressor Limiter
DW Fearn: VT-7 Vacuum Tube Compression Amplifier (ex The Darkness)
Empirical Labs: Distressor EL8-XS x 4 (ex Friendly Fires, The Darkness) 
Empirical Labs: EL7 Fatso Jr (ex The Darkness)
Focusrite: Red 3 Compressor (ex Dido, Rollo Armstrong)
Mohog Audio: Mo3a Leveling Amplifier (ex The Darkness)
Purple Audio: MC76 Limiting Amplifier
Purple Audio: MC77 Limiting Amplifier x 2
Shadow Hills: Mastering Compressor (ex-employee 1st batch!)
Stam Audio: SA76 x 2 (ex The Darkness
Smart Research: C2 Compressor (ex The Darkness)
SSL: Bus Compressor
Summit Audio: DCL-200 Dual Compressor Limiter (ex Senator Jimmy D)
Teletronix: LA2A (ex The Darkness)
Tube-Tech: SMC 2B Stereo Multiband Compressor

Dynamics and Compression at Essex Recording Studios

Bricasti: M7 Stereo Reverb Processor x 2
Lexicon: PCM 70 (ex Invisible Men: Jessie J, Lil Peep, Iggy Azalea)

Microphone Pre-Amplifiers:
API: 212L Mic Preamp x 2
API: 512C Mic Preamp x 2
API: 3124MB+ Mic Preamps x 4
Chandler Limited: TG2 Preamp x 2
Empirical Labs: Mike-e Preamp
Focusrite: Red 1 Mic Preamps x 4
Neve: 1057 Mic Preamp x 2
Neve: 1073 Mic Preamp x 2
Neve: 8801 Mic Preamp
SSL: SuperAnalogue & VHD Mic Preamps x 48
Summit Audio: TPA-200B Tube Preamps x 2
Trident: B Series x 5


AKG: C414 x 2 Stereo Pair
AKG: D112
Audix: D6
Cascade: Fat Head II x 2 Stereo Pair (Gold)
Chandler Limited: REDD Mic - Abbey Road EMI
Coles: 4038 BBC Ribbon Mics x 2
Neumann: KM 184 x 2 Stereo Pair
Neumann: M147 
Neumann: U47 Fet Studio Set
Neumann: U67  Studio Set
Neumann: U87 Ai Studio Set - Black
Neumann: U87 Ai Studio Set - Silver
Royer: 121 x 2 Stereo Pair
Sennheiser: e602 II
Sennheiser: e835 x 3
Sennheiser: e906 x 2
Sennheiser: e935
Sennheiser: MD 421 II x 2
Shure: Beta 52A
Shure: SM7B
Shure: SM57 x 4
Shure: Super 55 Deluxe Black Edition x 3
Soyuz: 023 Bomblet Fet Condenser
Warm Audio: WA-47 x 2