Our Team

James Curtis-Thomas (Owner - Producer - Chief Engineer)
Having worked in London's major studios and commissioned many of the world's leading mix consoles, James is one of the most knowledgeable and technically proficient engineers in the UK/European region. James works tirelessly to ensure you achieve your very best performance and that your sound is elevated to a world-class standard suitable for the airwaves and sync with TV & film. 

Keith Gannon (Owner - Operations - Acquisitions
Keith is the chief of operations here and works to ensure our clients have the very best equipment on the planet for their projects.  

Angela Randall (Studio Manager - Client Experience)
Angela makes sure the studio runs like a well oiled machine and that our clients have a world-class experience here at Essex Recording Studios. If there is anything you want or need - Angela will make it happen! 

Dieter Gickel (Producer - Artist - Engineer)
Dieter is a phenomenal artist and international producer who assists on sessions here at Essex Recording Studios. His work can regularly be heard on BBC Radio 1 and sync'd to popular television shows. Dieter previously worked at the world famous Abbey Road studios and for Audio Network - one of the largest music publishers in the world.