Shipping policy

All of our items are carefully packed snug in their cases and boxes with love, care and respect. ParcelForce is our exclusive logistics partner for shipping our items to customers around the world. All domestic purchases are shipped via ParcelForce 24 hour next business day delivery. All European purchases are shipped via ParcelForce Euro Priority delivery service unless ParcelForce Euro Economy is the only service available to your country. All other international purchases are shipped via ParcelForce Global Priority delivery service. You are responsible for tracking your purchase with the provided tracking number and informing us promptly if there are any issues at any of the stages of your shipment. You are responsible for handling all customs and related paperwork/payments required by your country's government to ensure timely delivery of your purchase if applicable. You are responsible for having any desired insurances or coverages that exceed the insurance and coverage limitations set out by ParcelForce in their terms & conditions, which can be seen here: Your country's national carrier or similar contracted shipping company will be the company that delivery your purchased item to your door. This means the item will be transported by ParcelForce while in UK territory and may be delivered to you by another company like GLS, USPS, UPS, DHL, etc - it just depends on which company has the partner agreement with ParcelForce in your country. We can ship with a specific shipping company that you prefer, but this will likely increase the cost of shipping significantly as our commercial account is with ParcelForce.